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My head is a bit wonky."It's early November when we meet in a postproduction house in Soho, central London, and Hardy has a deadline.

Underachieving turned into serious misbehaving — including getting caught with a friend in a stolen Mercedes-Benz with a firearm — which eventually spiralled into a debilitating drink and drug addiction. I know plenty of people who were born with a nice silver spoon or whatever — very dead.

"I haven't got it yet," he says cheerily, taking a deep lungful from his electronic cigarette, "because it sucks.", a story of betrayal and vengeance among 19th-century fur trappers.

Di Caprio predicted that Hardy would get an Oscar nomination for his supporting role as a feral frontiersman who leaves Di Caprio's character for dead after the latter is mauled by a grizzly bear.

"And I've just handed in 14 pages of notes on episode three," he points out, without much evident contrition. "I know every line, and I know where everything is in every scene, and I know where most candles are," he says.

"So yeah, I'm never happy."Hardy had the idea for the show when he was playing Bill Sikes in a 2007 BBC adaptation of , and conceived the character originally as "a Sherlock Holmes-type detective, a bit more physical as well as smart, but who has that hyper-vigilance; a spiritual, hybrid shaman-cum-cannibal-serial-killer-type thing".

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