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In this article we'll explain the process of manually updating your Awstats reports with the most current data.

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.

All the available PHP options (with the default ones in bold) are: Version 4.3.11 Version 4.4.1 Version 4.4.2 Version 5.0.4 Version 5.0.5 Version 5.1.2 Version 5.1.4 Bc Math Calendar Support Curl (Version 7.15.3) Curl SSL Support (Version 2.8.27) Dom XSLT Exif Flash Ftp GD (Version 2.0.15) Get Text Iconv (experimental) Imap Module (Version 2004g) Java (must already be installed, or install will fail) Mb String Mcrypt (Version 2.5.7) Memory Limit (experimental) Mhash (Version 0.8.18) Ming Support (Not Recommended due to various problems) (Version 0.3beta1) Magic Quotes MM Session Module (Version 1.3.1) Mysql Module SNMP Openssl Support Discard Path PDFlib (requires license for commerical use; see Pear Postgresql (will break 7.2.x or earlier, please make sure you have 7.3.x or later installed) Pspell Module Sablot XSLT [may cause problems with chili!

asp] Safe Mode Sockets Use System Mysql Track Vars Freetype Support Versioning WDDX XML RPC Zip Zlib Once you are satisfied with your selection click on “Start Build” and take a break.

Depending from the options you have chosen and the speed of the server this will take a few minutes.

CPanel will re/compile all the needed libraries and php module itself based on your selection.

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