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An average US child’s social construction of reality includes: knowledge that he or she belongs, and depend on others to meet their needs, and has privileges and obligations that accompany membership in their family and community.

In a typical set of social circumstances, children grow up through a predictable set of life stages: infancy, preschool, K-12 school years, young adulthood, adulthood, middle adulthood, and finally later-life adulthood.

This level runs concurrently with primary socialization.

They’ve also probably watched 15,000 hours of TV, and spent 5-10,000 playing (video games, friends, Internet, text messaging, etc.).

Friends, class mates, and peers become increasingly important in the lives of children in their secondary educational stage of socialization.

Most will leave home as young adults, find a spouse or life partner in their mid-to late 20s and work in a job for pay. Also when discussing the average US child, it’s safe to say that the most important socialization takes place early in life and in identifiable levels.

Primary socialization typically begins at birth and moves forward until the beginning of the school years.

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