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The Access-Control-Allow-Headers header describes which headers the API can accept/is expecting to receive. To enable access to all domains, we just respond with an origin header (Access-Control-Allow-Origin) with an asterisk to enable access for all.IDE provides intellisense support to select Table Name, Column Details etc.Execution Plan also provides cost details of operators involved in query Step 12. All updates / Data / Schema changes would be rolled back automatically when you exit Test Mode. This relieves us from the burden to rollback changes made. Add the following code to your There is nothing worse than pascal-case Java Script. Whilst we’re here, we might as well configure our application to return camel-case JSON (this Is Camel Case), instead of the default pascal-case (This Is Pascal Case).

With JSON Web Tokens (Jwt), which are typically stateless, you can add an authentication and authorization layer enabling you to restrict access to some or all of your API. Instead of dropping the code in directly for this class (it is very long), please refer to the file on Git Hub.

You gain a solid ground on which to build essential SQL Server development and administrative skills, including creating databases, generating Transact-SQL statements, implementing security and reporting through reporting services.

This training program aims to provide the participants proven, innovative, and technical skills needed to manage database systems in effective ways.

The purpose of this tutorial is to develop the beginnings of a Book Store API, using Microsoft Web API with (C#), which authenticates and authorizes each requests, exposes OAuth2 endpoints, and returns data about books and reviews for consumption by the caller. This code gives us a little bit of starting data to play with, instead of having to add a bunch of data manually each time we make changes to our schema that require the database to be re-initialized (not really in our case as we have an extremely simple data model, but in larger applications this is very useful).

The caller in this case will be Postman, a useful utility for querying API’s. Some packages should have already been added to enable Web API itself. Next, we want to create the RESTful endpoint that will retrieve all the books data. Writing asynchronous code in this manner allows the thread to be released whilst data (Books and Reviews) is being retrieved from the database and converted to objects to be consumed by our code.

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NET framework that dramatically simplifies building RESTful (REST like) HTTP services that are cross platform and device and browser agnostic. With Entity Framework configured, lets create our data structure.

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