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This is revealed to Hurley via a vision of Michael (Harold Perrineau), a character who sacrifices himself in the fourth season.

Michael is being punished for murdering fellow survivors Ana-Lucia and Libby.

The island's rapid injury-healing is often referred to and the Russian eye-patched character Mikhail (Andrew Divoff) is the best example of this.

Explanation: The nature of Locke's recovery is attributed to the perception that he is "special" – something which Locke takes pleasure in using against the Others' leader Ben Linus (Michael Emerson) when he falls sick with a spinal tumour in season three.

Despite fans' frustrations, Lost formed a cult fan base to rival that of The X-Files and, if you had the patience, it became one of the most gripping high-concept US TV shows of the past decade.

Ten years on, here are some of the key mysteries introduced over Lost's six seasons and how, at least as far as I can work out, they were resolved.

The mini-series was based on the novel by John Jakes and included the story of two families preceding the Civil War.

Each installment was 12 hours total making the entire series a total of 24 hours of pure blockbuster 1980's TV mini-series entertainment.

Locke isn't the only survivor who has been miraculously healed by arriving on the island though: Rose (L Scott Caldwell) finds herself cured of cancer, while Jin (Daniel Dae Kim) is no longer infertile.During an altercation, Jacob throws his brother into a light located at the heart of the island which spits him back out as the mass of black smoke he becomes.Imprisoned on the island – and unable to kill Jacob – the Monster can only take the form of the dead.The series went on to attract US audiences of just under 24 million viewers and, before long, Lost had become an unprecedented hit, winning Emmys and keeping fans enthralled with a litany of tantalising plot twists and mysteries.Over time, however, some viewers tired of the expanding web of mythology and the lack of concrete answers.

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As a point of trivia, the Love Boat employed a number of Love Boat "Mermaids" who were seen lounging around the pool.

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  2. where they were promoting the latest season of their original series, which premiers October 12, and their book, veered into some risqué territory they don’t often broach on more wholesome programming.